Espoo Dining Chair

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Color: Dark Oak - Olive Grey Seat

Experience the allure of popular Finnish design with the Espoo Dining Chair. Handcrafted with premium quality and sustainable Oakwood, this chair showcases the perfect fusion of comfort, style, and durability. Elevate your dining space with this iconic piece of Finnish craftsmanship.

  • Premium Quality Sustainable Oakwood:: Handcrafted with care. Derived from sustainably managed forests

  • Built to Last: Made with premium materials, it ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Minimalistic Design: Perfect for those seeking a modern and simplistic look, while providing sturdy support and stability.


  • Height (cm): 77cm
  • Width (cm): 55cm
  • Depth (cm): 48cm
  • Seat Height (cm): 45cm
  • Seat Width (cm): 53cm
  • Seat Depth (cm): 40cm

Derived from sustainably managed forests, our Oak wood is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner. By prioritizing responsible forestry practices, we ensure that the beauty of nature is preserved while crafting our Espoo Dining Chair.

Seating Material Options:
The seating of our dining chairs is specifically designed for comfort and durability. You can choose between the rich texture of genuine leather or the soft touch of organic cotton fabric. The leather seating offers a timeless, upscale finish, while the organic cotton ensures a cozy, eco-friendly experience. Select the seating material that complements your style and comfort needs.

Explore more possibilities with our customization options. Contact us for more color combinations tailored to your style. Personalize your design!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andreas Georgiou

Wow, what a fantastic find! I initially had my eyes on the Hiroshima Armchair, but the Espoo Chair stole the show! Not only is it much more affordable, but the quality is truly sublime. handled everything flawlessly, and their team was incredibly helpful. Thank you for the excellent service! Best choice I've made!

Katerina Dimitriou

I'm in awe with my purchase from! As a jewelry designer, I needed the perfect accent chair for my creative space. The Espoo Chair not only complements my aesthetics but also adds a touch of modern elegance to my studio. It feels like it was made just for me! The hassle-free delivery to Athens was quick and efficient. Thank you,, for bringing love to my work oasis!

Ana Petrović

The moment I laid my eyes on the Espoo Chair, I knew it belonged in my home. I appreciate the timeless design and premium craftsmanship. My family loves the new addition to our living room. Hvala,