Huggy Chair

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Color: White Fleece

Sink into the Huggy Chair, a masterclass in ergonomic luxury. Designed for discerning tastes, it marries. biomorphic form with plush comfort, while offering a choice of eco-conscious, stylish upholstery for the modern, sustainable home

  • Biomorphic Comfort: Ergonomic design, with contours for cozy, supportive seating, enhances relaxation and well-being.

  • Memory Foam Luxury: Experience tailored comfort—memory foam base adapts to your body for superior support.

  • Sustainable Style: Choose eco-friendly Fleece or Velvet from organic cotton, marrying luxury with sustainability.


    • Height: 60 cm
    • Width: 85 cm
    • Depth: 80 cm
    • Seat Height: 42 cm
    • Weight: 24 kg


    • Organic Cotton
    • Wool
    • Solid timber frame
    • Webbed suspension
    • Medium density foam padding

    The materials used in our chair, including organic cotton and wool, are sourced sustainably, ensuring a reduced environmental impact. These natural fibers offer exceptional durability, allowing the chair to withstand daily use while maintaining its quality. Experience the comfort of eco-friendly and long-lasting materials in our thoughtfully crafted chair.

    We believe in providing a personalized touch to your furniture. At we offer customization options to create a lounge chair that perfectly suits your taste and needs. From fabric selection to color choices, our service team is here to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss customization options and create a truly Chair that reflects your individual style.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sofia Larsson

    I am absolutely in love with the Huggy Swivel Chair! As an interior design enthusiast, I always follow the latest trends, and this chair is a true gem. Its premium quality, genuine design, and utmost comfort make it a must-have piece. Highly recommended!