Suprematist EL Lamp

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Size: Small

Elevate your interior with our Suprematist EL Lamp, a stunning fusion of art and lighting. Handmade from sustainable materials, it's a sustainable statement piece, crafted for enduring beauty.

  • Artistic Masterpiece: The Suprematist EL Lamp embodies the essence of the Suprematism art movement, bringing a touch of avant-garde creativity to your space.

  • Sustainable Elegance: Handcrafted with sustainable materials, this lamp blends eco-consciousness with premium design, making it a stylish and responsible choice.

  • Timeless Quality: With premium construction, the Suprematist EL Lamp promises enduring brilliance, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your decor for years to come.



  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Voltage:100-260V
  • Power: LED 5W
  • Emitting 3000K warm light



  • Diameter 150mm
  • Height 160mm


  • Diameter 150mm
  • Height 240mm

Recycled H65 Brass. 
H65 Brass is a specific type of brass alloy that conforms to the H65 standard. It is composed of approximately 65% copper and 35% zinc, with trace amounts of other elements. H65 Brass offers a combination of strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance.

Certification: CCC, CE

Suprematism is an art movement focused on fundamental geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors. The movement emerged in Russia around 1915, pioneered by artist Kazimir Malevich. Suprematist art aimed to represent the essence of objects and ideas rather than their physical appearance, and it emphasized the spiritual and emotional qualities of art. The name "suprematism" refers to the movement's focus on the supremacy of pure artistic feeling or perception in the creation of art.

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William Vindauga
Highly recommended!

Absolutely love the Suprematist EL Lamp from! It's a true work of art. The handmade craftsmanship and sustainable materials make it even more special. Top-notch quality! Highly recommended!