Aurora Sky Lounge Chair

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Material: Cashmere Lamb White

Discover the epitome of serene repose with the Aurora SkyLounge Chair—a haven of Nordic luxury and comfort. This chair isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a meticulously engineered retreat that invites you to experience tranquility in its purest form. 

  • Masterful Artistry: With every stitch and curve, the Aurora SkyLounge Chair demonstrates a commitment to superior craftsmanship, offering an aesthetically and structurally impeccable lounge experience.

  • Conscious Indulgence: Embrace sustainability without sacrifice; enjoy the plush, guilt-free comfort that comes from responsibly sourced, premium materials in every aspect of this chair. 

  • Tailored Comfort: Engineered for restorative relaxation, the chair’s ergonomic contours cradle your form, ensuring each seated moment is one of rejuvenation and unparalleled ease.

    Designed for those who appreciate the finer aspects of relaxation, the Aurora SkyLounge Chair is a testament to what happens when impeccable craftsmanship meets visionary design.


    • Height 64cm
    • Width 78cm
    • Depth 96cm

    Foam & fabric. Cashmere lamb:
    Cashmere lamb: Luxuriously soft and sustainable. Its durable fibers resist pilling and wear. Ethically sourced, promoting responsible farming and supporting traditional communities. Elevate your style with the elegance of cashmere lamb.Luxuriously soft and sustainable. Its durable fibers resist pilling and wear. Ethically sourced, promoting responsible farming and supporting traditional communities. 

    We believe in providing a personalized touch to your furniture. At we offer customization options to create a lounge chair that perfectly suits your taste and needs. From fabric selection to color choices, our service team is here to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss customization options and create a truly unique Aurora SkyLounge Chair that reflects your individual style.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Freya Nordström
    A true masterpiece!

    As a Scandinavian interior designer, I've been searching for the perfect lounge chair for my clients. When I discovered the Aurora SkyLounge Chair, I was immediately captivated. The customization options and attentive service ensured it was a flawless addition to my design project.

    Nikos Katsaros
    Perfect addition to my new appartment !

    As a newly resident living in Amsterdam and redesigning my house, the Aurora SkyLounge Chair was a perfect addition. The combination of style and comfort is exceptional. A purchase I'm delighted with!

    Ana Marić

    Ej ljudi, moram vam reći da je ovaj Aurora SkyLounge stolac prava bomba! Baš je krasan i udoban, a i super mi se uklapa u moj novi stančić. Sad sam kao pravi odrasličak, cura sama za sebe. Uživam u životu i ovom stolcu!

    John Lee
    Elegant and Sophisticated

    I was a bit skeptical about buying furniture online, but the Aurora Lounge Chair exceeded my expectations. The chair design is elegant and sophisticated. The price is unbeatable for the high-quality materials and craftsmanship. I'm very happy with my purchase.

    Erdal Dulovic

    Ova stolica je izvanredna. Sa svojim sofisticiranim dizajnom i vrhunskom kvalitetom, pruža potpunu udobnost i estetski dojam. Definitivno vrijedi svake marke. Izuzetno sam zadovoljan svojom kupovinom.