Clay Lamp N° 2

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Color: Ash-Shanxi Clay Lamp N° 2

Experience the allure of the Ash-Shanxi Clay Lamp N° 2, a captivating blend of history and craftsmanship. Handcrafted in China's esteemed Shanxi province, this lamp boasts an intense popularity for its distinctive design and exquisite ash color.

  • Rich History: Transport yourself to the past with the Ash-Shanxi Clay Lamp N° 2, handcrafted in the renowned Shanxi province of China, known for its deep cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

  • Unique Design: Adorn your space with a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Each Ash-Shanxi Clay Lamp N° 2 showcases natural variations in color and texture, making it a distinctive and eye-catching addition to any room.

  • Sustainable Elegance: Made from sustainable and high-quality clay material, this lamp not only exudes timeless charm but also reflects your commitment to eco-friendly choices. Enjoy its warm, cozy glow while embracing sustainable living.


  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Wattage: 41-50W
  • Voltage: 90-260V
  • Voltage: 220V


  • Diameter 40cm x Height 50cm.

High Grade Handmade Clay Pots
Handcrafted from high-grade clay pots sourced from the eco-friendly region of Shanxi, China. Each piece showcases the timeless artistry and commitment to preserving the environment.


Certification: CCC/CE

During the 1950s in the Shanxi province of China, the region experienced significant economic growth and modernization, with a focus on heavy industry and coal mining. However, this period was also marked by political turmoil and social upheaval as the country underwent a series of political campaigns and ideological movements. Despite these challenges, the region produced some exquisite and unique artifacts, such as the antique clay lamps that we offer, which are a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Shanxi people.

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